ATV Rider Training

Quad Bike ATV Rider Training

Factory Forty Six’ quad bike ATV rider training course is a training course for those wanting to develop their skills in the safe use of four wheeled motorbikes, (Quad bikes or ATV All Terrain Vehicles).

This course aims are to assist the participants to safely & effectively operate four wheeled motor bikes and to carry out routine checks and maintenance.

The learning outcomes are not limited, but I have listed some, and they are: Identify, anticipate and control hazards by using safe riding techniques, identify responsibilities, carry out routine checks and maintenance, select suitable personal protective equipment and to be able to operate ATVs in a safe and controlled manner.

We will also cover loading and unloading a quad bike and securing a quad bike to a transport vehicle, as well as refuelling and operating with a range of loads.

So you can get an idea of what you will learn about at one of these courses, I have listed a course outline below:

  • Introduction
  • ATV operational hazards
  • Work, health and safety issues including PPE
  • ATV design and selection
  • Basic maintenance
  • Basic ATV operating techniques through a designated course
  • Basic ATV operating techniques negotiating a dirt road route
  • Operating ATVs with a range of loads attached
  • Loading, unloading and securing ATVs to a transport vehicle
  • Reversing a trailed implement with an ATV
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Advanced riding techniques using slopes and rough terrain
  • Clean up ATVs and refuel

Factory Forty Six also provides a basic Quad Bike Maintenance Course for Quad bike operators.