ATV maintenance

Quad Bike Maintenance Course

The quad bikes that we use on the farm, or with work related activities, need to be regularly maintained to give us, the operator, a safe and reliable machine.

The operator requires a basic knowledge of ATV maintenance for safety and a nominated person should carry out other important inspections and repairs to keep the machine in the field. This can be done by your local motorcycle repair shop. But if you live far from town or need to keep your machine on the job at all times, it pays to have the knowledge and procedures to carry out safe, cost effective repairs yourself.

Factory forty Six quad bike maintenance course will show you how to source correct information, the correct procedures and also all the tips and tricks from 25years in the ATV repair trade. You should be able to successfully service and repair all components on your quad bike at the completion of this course.

Also, other bits of information you may pick up are what to look for when buying a second-hand quad bike, how to make your tyres last longer and how to wire up  the power for a spray tank.

Factory Forty Six also conducts Quad Bike Rider Training.